Maintaining Health And Safety At Work With IOSH Course

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July 23, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Maintaining Health And Safety At Work With IOSH Course

More than 200 fatalities and over a million injuries related to work are reported each year. A lot of people tend to think that these work-related accidents can only happen in high-risk industries, such as construction and mining. However, the truth is that accidents can happen anywhere — even in establishments that seem to have low hazards — if adequate safety measures are not employed by the company and its managers. As such, it’s imperative for all companies to educate their personnel and give them the latest in safety training. In the UK, one way to do this is by enrolling employees in IOSH Managing Safely courses.

These courses are a good way to introduce personnel to basic safety principles at work. The IOSH syllabus covers eight basic topics. These include an introduction to safe management, risk assessment, controlling risks present in the work environment, responsibilities of personnel, identification of hazards, the proper ways of investigating accidents and incidents, measuring performance of the company with regard to safety, and lastly, protection of the environment. Learning all these is necessary for company personnel so that occurrences at work can be dealt with in the most systematic and efficient manner possible.

IOSH courses in the UK can be delivered in two different ways: through traditional classroom instruction or via eLearning. The classroom version of the course lasts four days and gives course participants the chance to interact directly with a highly experienced instructor. Online IOSH training, on the other hand, offers a very convenient and highly flexible alternative for companies and their personnel. Both types of courses are effective in teaching personnel the basics of safety at work.

Teaching personnel the basic work safety principles is essential for every company for a few reasons. First, maintaining safety at work allows companies and personnel to stay focused on the task at hand, knowing that adequate and effective safety measures are already in place. Any distracting worries arising from unsafe work environments can be eliminated with proper training. Second, knowing the appropriate way to respond to risks, hazards and incidents at work can eliminate confusion and panic when accidents do happen. This allows speedy responses and delivery of medical attention to injured personnel in the shortest time possible. Lastly, teaching managers and supervisors about basic safety at work is a good measure to prevent costly and heartbreaking accidents in the future. With adequate training, personnel are protected from accidents that can hamper their way of life and curtail their ability to earn a living. For companies, on the other hand, this means that there are less chances of spending on litigation and lifelong support for injured personne

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